Bicycle Facility Documentation — Delfgauseweg

Gina Bellato (Northeastern University) and I were asked to examine  a specific piece of bicycle infrastructure within Delft, Delfgauseweg. Delfgauw is a neighborhood on the eastern side of Delft (as previously mentioned), and “weg” means “way” or “road” in Dutch; so this is essentially a road between central Delft and Delftgauw.

The facility was a fine example of where two-way cycletracks can be a better alternative than a one-way cycletracks. There are some economies of scale to two-way cycletracks, as a single two-way cycletrack can take up less space than two one-way cycletracks, but more conflicts are created at intersections since vehicles must cross bicycles coming from both directions. This might require further signalization for bicycles to separate the bicycle and vehicle movements in time, which would increase complexity (likely detracting from safety) and detract from the economies of scale of the two-way cycletrack. However, the other consideration is where destinations and intersections are. If they are concentrated on one side of the road, the two-way cycletrack may work perfectly. The bicycles will not have to turn across the vehicles if the destinations are on the same side of the cycletrack, which is the situation on this site. More information pertaining to our documentation project is available here.


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