Final Reflections

And so ends an awesome two weeks in The Netherlands, learning and traveling with some great people. This was my first trip outside of the country and I couldn’t have taken it with a better crew, or a more friendly place to travel. I will surely be coming back to The Netherlands in future, hopefully when I have sufficient time and funds to visit some other parts of Europe.

Bicycling is so much different here than it is Portland, or anywhere else in the U.S. It’s not a fringe group, or a trend; nearly everyone is a cyclist at some point in their day, week, or year here. The planners and engineers have truly worked hard here to make The Netherlands safe, comfortable, convenient, and fun for cycling to daily needs. They have deliberately created superior infrastructure that drastically improves the quality of life for the people of The Netherlands. I’ve seen more than I can possibly take in or process in two weeks, and hopefully my pictures and notes will help me to continue to keep Dutch design principles in my mind as I finish graduate school and head into the professional world to engineer infrastructure that improves communities and lives.

Below is a quick conceptual design project Andy Kading, Marisa DeMull, and I completed for the end of the course. It is a hopeful re-design of the Belmont-Morrision couplet in Portland, OR, that fully incorporates protected bicycle lanes.

Here is the link to the materials associated with the final design project. Google Earth is necessary to view the .kmz files.


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